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Seller’s Marketplace by® Connects Sellers to Trusted Providers Like

DALLAS, TX - July 23, 2020 -- announced today its partnership with® on their new Seller’s Marketplace service.  The service empowers homeowners visiting® with information about selling options and allows them to make side-by-side comparisons of those options.  At launch, consumers can be connected with and several other major service providers that offer iBuying or cash purchase programs.

" has been buying houses nationwide for over 20 years and we are proud to partner with® on the launch of Seller's Marketplace," said Jeremy Brandt, CEO of "We share the vision of providing great consumer experiences and making real estate transactions easier for all." is Open and Buying Houses With Remote Property Review

This national home buyer offers a quick and easy solution for those in a hurry to sell a home

Dallas, TX – April 10, 2020 -- Cash home buyer announced today that the company continues to offer an easy and safe option for homeowners who want to sell their home quickly in a housing market disrupted by COVID-19.

While companies like Zillow, Opendoor, and other iBuyers are pressing “pause” on all home buying operations nationwide, continues to give homeowners options with its new “Remote Property Review” process that maintains social distancing while allowing sellers to still get a cash offer for their home.

According to CEO Jeremy Brandt, “Now is the time for calm and leadership in the housing industry.  We want to give home sellers the peace of mind that should they need to sell a house, is there for them, and will continue to provide great service and cash offers – from a distance.  Remote Property Review is the perfect way to do that.”

Jeremy Brandt: The Innovator Who is Making a Difference

REI INK Magazine - “Brandt realized the real estate industry lacked a way to identify honest and experienced investors. He wanted to solve the problem by creating a national brand that investors could work under. His brand would only be represented by investors who were successful and well-capitalized and would adhere to a code of ethics. The idea for was born.

Brandt takes vetting his investors very seriously. He understands that one unethical investor can hurt the entire brand. takes a hard look at an investor’s track record and reputation before licensing them. There is no problem turning people away if they don’t meet company standards. Ideally, investors are already doing at least 6-10 deals a year before joining and are ready to scale up their businesses.”

Retirees, Sell Your Home Without a Hassle

If you need a quick sale so you can move to a better or different situation, you have some quick-turnaround options.

Kiplinger Magazine - April 6, 2020 -- The prospect of selling and leaving your long-time home can seem overwhelming under the best of circumstances, but more so if you have lost your spouse, have health or cognitive issues, or need a quick sale so you can move to a better situation, such as assisted living. The challenge is greater if the home is in poor condition, say, because of long-deferred maintenance.

Your home will fetch the highest price if it shows its best—it’s updated, in good repair, decluttered, cleaned and staged. But that requires time, money, energy and expertise that you—or loved ones who want to help you or will inherit your home—may lack. In that case, you still have options: You can sell the house for a price that reflects its “as-is” condition through a real estate agent or for a significant discount to a real-estate investor who can close quickly and for cash.

The Real Estate Surprises Every Home Seller Should Be Aware Of

Forbes Real Estate Council - April 9, 2018 -- There are many misconceptions when it comes to real estate. Some of the basic myths and fables can sway buyers and sellers without any valid cause. A real estate agent's job is to inform clients and help them understand what is typical of a home transaction and what is simply untrue. Many homeowners are still unaware of things they can do that would help the process run more smoothly, from updating a property to accommodating showings for potential buyers and more.

That’s why nine members of Forbes Real Estate Council share below some of the things that home sellers are constantly surprised by, that they wish there were more common knowledge. Here is what they had to say:

That Sentimental Feeling

Sellers who have lived in the home for many years develop a sentimental attachment. As a result, they often underestimate the need for, and cost of, repairs. This can lead them to have a price expectation that is far higher than the actual value of the home. Sellers often have to learn that it is the market that determines the best price for the property — not opinion or sentimental feelings. - Jeremy Brandt,