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5 Questions To Ask BEFORE Selling Your Property to a Cash Buyer

Selling quickly to a cash buyer has become more popular these days. Many home sellers are attracted by the benefit of getting fast cash without making repairs.  Cash buyers are real estate investors that buy, fix, and flip houses.

Unfortunately, there are some “Cash Buyers” that are not real.  In essence, they are pretending to be real investors. These “Fake Cash Buyers” try to seem legit via dishonest ads and emails.  Why do they fake being a cash buyer?  They hope that you will enter into a contract to sell your home to them, and once they have the deal done, they will begin to search for someone who can actually purchase the home and pay the fake cash buyer a finder’s fee.  (This is often called “wholesaling”...).   Some of these "wholesalers" can connect you to a real investor, but the wholesaler represents a middle man that could result in less cash going into your pocket.

Luckily, there are some ways to determine if a cash buyer is a real investor with the money to buy your property.

Here are some questions that you should consider before selling your home to someone who claims to be a cash buyer.

Questions To Ask Cash Buyers

1. How Long Have You Been Buying Houses? - Fake Cash Buyers usually have no history, so they will most likely make up a story. If their story is all over the place and doesn’t add up, you’re probably dealing with a fake cash buyer. Real Cash Buyers will also tell you a story about their experience and capabilities. But there’s a difference. Their story will actually make sense.

2. Do You Have Proof Of Funds? - Interestingly, Fake Cash Buyers will often be eager to share their financial details with you. Many will show a fake bank statement to demonstrate their “proof of funds”, and they will often send this statement to you without meeting or knowing anything about you. Real Cash Buyers will gladly show “proof” if you ask for it, but don’t expect them to brag about how much money they have.

3. Have You Purchased Other Investment Properties in This Area? - Fake Cash Buyers will have purchased few (or no) homes in your area. They may not seem very interested in the details about your area or home. Sometimes they won’t even come to your property to check it out.  Real Cash Buyer investors can give you the addresses of other properties they have flipped in your area, and they will be eager to come see your property in person.

4. Are you purchasing the property, OR do you plan to assign the contract to someone else? - This question gets to the heart of the matter.  If your “cash buyer” is not the actual end buyer, they will usually hope to get your house under contract and then assign the contract to an actual investor (such as who will buy, fix, and resell the property.

5. Are There Any Hidden Fees? - Fees should be fully disclosed and explained at the beginning of the process, generally before an offer is made on the house. If your Cash Buyer asks you to pay upfront fees sooner than the closing date, do NOT trust them.  Excluding earnest money paid by the buyer, no cash should ever be  exchanged before the sale closes, and most real cash buyers will pay all (or most of) the closing costs.

How To Know If I’m Working With A Real Cash Buyer

Finding a Real Cash Buyer may seem difficult, but it’s not! You can find real cash buyers in most areas of the country.  Cash buyers usually have established businesses and their own websites, but sometimes they partner with a national brand (such as and their information may be verified on the larger company site as well. Real Cash Buyers want to connect quickly and stay in touch with you throughout the process. Cash Buyers will also be very interested in your home. They want to physically see your home so that they can give you the best offer. They’re very clear with the terms and fees and they will provide you with real proof of funds if you ask. 

What Should I Do?

It may feel like a challenge to find a Real Cash Buyer, but asking the questions above will help you find the right buyer for your house.. 

If you need help finding a trustworthy cash buyer, you came to the right place.  We’re here to help!  No matter what condition your property is in, we will give you a fast cash offer for your home. Contact today.  We'll connect you with a REAL, local cash home buyer who can make a quick offer for your property. is The Easy Way to Sell Today™.

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